Minimize excess. Mitigate shortages. Quickly realize efficiency gains.

Experience the power and simplicity of automated schedule adjustment plans.

Community delivers eight wizard-based strategies for flexing agent schedules through the A.S.A.P. framework. Schedulers simply identify the parameters for their schedule adjustment strategy and Community will identify the qualified agents, make the necessary schedule adjustments and notify all impacted agents.

  • Single and multi-skilled schedule optimization
  • Reduce or reallocate surplus staff time
  • Extend schedule shifts and offer overtime
  • Add/Edit/Delete scheduled events
  • Save and reuse schedule adjustment strategies

Rapidly shift hundreds of schedules and notify agents with a few clicks.

For the first time in history, Community has streamlined the intraday workforce management process with Automated Schedule Adjustment Plans (A.S.A.P.). Now, rather than manage schedules on a single, ad-hoc basis, supervisors can efficiently flex the schedules of their entire agent workforce and deliver messages on six distinct notification channels with just a few entries.

  • Eight wizard-based schedule adjustment strategies
  • Intelligent, parameter-based, schedule change controls
  • Bi-directional communications through your agents' preferred channels
Intraday Management Notification Channels

Quickly assess the risks and opportunities of each day, and flex your workforce with military precision in just a few minutes.

Agents can receive offers for overtime or under-time and accept or decline those offers on any one, combination of or all of your notification channels of choice. Accepted offers will automatically update the schedules and A.S.A.P will automatically notify the agents again on those same channels.

Intraday Management VTO Events

Community keeps your agents informed - so you don't have to.

Community's one-of-a kind, imbedded communication framework will transform your contact center team into an agile workforce, increasing your ability to sustain a consistent level of customer service. When a schedule adjustment has been made, Community will instantly notify all impacted agents through preferred communication channels. Plus, the bi-directional communication framework enables agents to accept overtime offers and submit time-off requests for approval.

  • Automated delivery of emails and text messages
  • In-app messaging through memos, pop-ups and streaming messages
  • Bi-directional communication via the mobile application
Intraday Management Mobile Application